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You can look in any way you want. Are you looking in or are you looking out or is some spirit looking out at you? Or are these like shamanic holes, entrances into the earth, another realm, going in, deep and down, and then coming out again.  There’s a thin veil separating the two realms, a spirit-like veil.  You might be able to put your hand through it, or your body.


January 28, 1999


What I want to do is reach back and make an opening.  Create ritual so deep so as to be universal, touch that place within us that recalls, remembers, goes far back. Back to our roots, our ancestors, to regain, uncover, go very deep, find again. 


April 1998



The Way Back Out


I am waiting
I’m a captive soul
I have torn open
the silk threads
I have laid out
the white linen
And placed, piece by piece
the objects of power
lit the candles
And opened my soul.
I love each object
on the worn wooden altar
the gentle blue
the bone white
the deep sepia
ancient marks scratched
I feel the texture
of life itself
The fields of transparent yellow
The earth blood of red oxide
The pods, the seeds, the buttons, the bones
The way in
The way down
The way back out

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