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Something Has Been Born in Me I support you Tremain I support you as an artist I affirm to the utmost that you trust and follow your inner juice your creative urge your sudden, all-important impulse your fire What is inside coming out Just follow it This is your call. Follow what is inside Let it out and give it to Life Be proud and trust the birthing it takes a lot of time and there’s inner mysteries forming you have no conscious idea of It leads you in directions you don’t understand the connection but this fire is Wise Sometimes it burns like a slow candle sometimes it consumes like an all-encompassing fire It is to be trusted and followed. It is your Life. April 22, 1994 Something new has been born in me In the reading of Poetry In the essays of Alive Walker Basking in the spirit of a strong woman artist Whose voice is clear Whose spirit is strong Whose art is Everything Something new has been born in me In the mixture of Poetry and Birth In the Birthing of a Daughter In the endless possibilities of Poetry And the Art that is my daughter Something has been born in me That speaks of a voice of a change Something opened of an artist walking through Something of challenge and fulfillment of fear and penetration Like a bird soaring Like the sun on the winter branches Like the sky in the city that is still the sky Now I see it Something has opened I am a woman I am an artist Two times over Each time the birth canal has opened an energy flow that leads higher and wider and farther in a vision that I begin to share with my daughters January 26, 1995

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