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They do their work and forget about it. They do their work and hold no store in it. They do their work and don’t dwell on it. They do their work expecting nothing, looking for nothing, asking for nothing. They just do their work. (Tao 2)


May we heal a little bit more today and contribute to somebody else’s healing. We tap deep into our own vision. We connect with symbols underground of deepening power. How to offer our particular gift to the world at this particular time in this particular space? How to let go, loosen, release, open, soften, listen, hear, follow? A meditation. A way in. And back out. This is our work, our business, our art as long as we live. This is our game, our prayer. This is our day, our time. This is our comfort, our confidant. (Jalaluddin Rumi)


Filled with living energy, the real self sits peacefully in the center, tranquil and unperturbed, yet sensitive and effective. (51 Taoist I Ching)


Maintain purity of perception and deep devotion. (Bardo Thodol)


We are cutting our own way out of the woods.

Fact is we don’t have any idea what we’re doing. We’re just trying to lay down our energy here.


Oh my god, it’s a jungle in here; we’ve got wild animals loose in here. (Kate Bush, Red Shoes)


We now commence our offering.

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