Artwork 2017

These four pieces are the first paintings I’ve painted (besides the “Grief Paintings” of 2016)  since being back in my studio after being with my mother in her dying.  They reflect that.

Now I look forward to what comes next. Now I am ready. 

She flew away!
She left the hard shell of the body
She went into the mist
No easy journey
You need a guide map and some guides
It’s convoluted, involved
Some of it real deep & heavy, blood thick
And some of it ethereal
Look for the presence. Discern the presence.
It’s there.
There’s a presence when you die.

Place yourself in the hands of holy beings!

Some of it’s real deep
Deep heavy like blood-thick
And some of it’s ethereal

(Death Watch, Angels at the Foot of the Bed) After painting it I thought I would like to look at it as I lay dying.  Like it would help guide me.
Clustered, we watch
You look back wide-eyed with the dying
Finding a path through our gaze
We hold vigil
You make the journey
But not alone
We watch
We hold vigil

There’s a presence here.  (This is what mom and I did.  We looked for the presence in dying.)  It can be convoluted but you can discern presence. (Convoluted – twisted, coiled, complicated, involved)

Click on thumbnail to see larger image. 

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